New challenges  

In recent years, the demand for speciality adhesives and sealants with superior and unique performance has increased significantly. This growth is attributed to the following industrial trends:

- Higher emphasis on environmental protection and higher restrictions on distribution of hazardous substances
- Higher levels of performance and reliability standards
- More responsive and leaner manufacturing
- Development and increased use of new engineering materials
- Miniaturisation of products with ever decreasing sizes and profiles
- New applications and users
New focus - fotopolymer  

fotopolymer focus on the development of speciality adhesives and sealants ultising the latest resins and additives to achieve superior and unique performances such as

- Zero levels of hazardous substances and pollutants such as heavy metals, carcinogenic, radioactive, etc
- Responsive curing system with rapid onset under low temperature heating or low intensity UV exposure
- Increased adhesion on passive substrates and inactive coatings
- Improved resistance and reliability under prolong exposure to moisture, chemicals and heat
- Excellent optical clarify and stability under demanding conditions
- Excellent dimensional stability against thermal expansion mismatch and cycling
New products  

The following new product ranges has been developed to meet the changing needs of the market.

SECURE series - visible light and ultraviolet light cure adhesives that secured rapidly within seconds of curing

ENSURE series - heat cure adhesives that cured with ensured performance and reliability

ENDURE series - dual components adhesives that cured at room temperature with enduring performance and resistance

ESLAST series - moisture, ultraviolet and heat cure silicone based adhesives and sealants that provide lasting protection
New challenges
New focus
New products